SIA Aspiratori

SIA is located in the province of Avellino, and has over 30 years of experience in mechanical construction; it is the only company in Southern Italy producing industrial centrifugal fans.

Company - SIA Aspiratori


We aim to be a benchmark in the market of centrifugal and axial fans. We want our customers to remember SIA when they are looking for a competent partner they can trust; we are capable of studying and proposing long-lasting solutions designed to meet their needs.

Backed by know-how gained over a period of nearly thirty-five years in business, a well-known brand and a highly technological production facility equipped with the latest numerically controlled machinery, we want to propose ourselves and be competitive in both the retail and distribution market and in customised special solutions with high engineering content.

Passion, tenacity and courage are our core values. Our goal is to promote business development, innovation and sustainability by putting the customer at the forefront.

Why Choose SIA

Warrantied Product Performance

SIA has a testing room with the latest technologies in the market that enables us to carry out all the tests necessary to ensure that our technical proposals deliver the required performance.

Product Reliability and Durability

The careful control of the production process, the high quality raw materials used, and the finishing carried out by automotive-type processes are guarantees of the durability and reliability of our products.


Our investments in technology and product development enable us to offer the most efficient solutions, always in compliance with regulations.


SIA strictly complies with European safety standards. Each product comes with the appropriate devices and protections to enable the system to operate while maintaining safe conditions for users.


Customers are requesting products with easy maintenance and the detailed information accompanying each supply makes the product more reliable and lowers maintenance costs.


Our brand and products have a good reputation among engineers and manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment. They are well known to end users who often request them.