IST Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves IST - SIA Aspiratori

The valves of the IST series are made of welded sheet steel and then galvanized. The rotor is made of composite sheet steel with easily replaceable cloth rubber end parts, which can also be optionally supplied in vulkollan if there is the necessity to dispense hot products.

They are equipped with a gear motor or if there is any need to vary the revolutions in motion, also with gear reduction motors or inverter motors. They are suitable for transporting all kinds of materials and waste except for abrasive and/or corrosive materials.

IST series valves can be made of the most diverse materials and with specific surface treatments for the applications needed. The series is made using modular sides, which, by leaving the width unchanged, allow the length to be customized to the customer’s specific measurements (so there can be an almost infinite range of sizes and capacities).

As IST valves can vary in length, they allow storage silos to be unloaded on the beam or at the end of conveyor belts, without making any section changes or reductions by facilitating unloading and dosage.