VIGCA Industrial Hot Gas Fans

Industrial Hot Gas Fans VIGCA - SIA Aspiratori

For transport of fluids over 60°C, the small heat-scattering fan is applied on the impeller hub, the presence of which does not change the dimensions of the ground chair attachments from those given in the dimension tables of the individual fans, either for direct ones or the transmission. In the direct ones, however, the dimension given in the following table should be added to dimension B of the total motor footprint (see overall dimensions of individual fan).

SizeSealingHot gasesSealing + hot gases
63Not feasibleNot feasibleNot feasible
7130 mm30 mmNot feasible
8020 mm40 mm40 mm
9020 mm40 mm40 mm
10020 mm40 mm40 mm
11220 mm40 mm40 mm
13220 mm40 mm40 mm
16020 mm40 mm60 mm
18060 mm60 mm60 mm
20060 mm60 mm60 mm
22560 mm60 mm80 mm
25060 mm60 mm80 mm
28060 mm60 mm80 mm
315 *

(*) For size 315, the dimensions of the chair also change in addition to the motor footprint, so it is recommended to ask for the actual footprint measurements.