VCAT Atex Centrifugal Fans

Atex Centrifugal Fans VCAT - SIA Aspiratori

The temperatures shown are the minimum and maximum temperatures that can be reached according to the “statement of conformity” issued by TÜV Italia. For temperatures < -10°C, the use of suitable materials is necessary.

Direct fans, versions 4 and 5

Thermal classRoom temperatureWorking temperature
T135°C (T4)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +40°C
T200°C (T3)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +105°C *
T300°C (T2)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +150°C *

Transmission coolers, versions 1, 8, 9, 12

Thermal classRoom temperatureWorking temperature
T200°C (T3)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +55°C
T300°C (T2)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +135°C

3 GD Fan

Must necessarily have:

  • inspection hatch to check for any dust build-up inside the snail and that the necessary gaps between moving and stationary parts are maintained;
  • a brass coating on the intake port and a shim between the snail and impeller on the drive side;
  • a seal if it is a B3 motor (if B5, the flange is sufficient to ensure the sealing);
  • suitable gaskets designed to prevent excessive fluid leakage from the flanges;
  • protective nets for suction and discharge*;
  • above 11 kW, fan casing with continuous welding;
  • motor suitable for the zone where it is used.

(*) The ATEX directive and CE marking require compliance with the machinery directive, so the Atex fan, at the regulatory level, must be considered as a quasi-machine and therefore completely protected. The fan is usually not an end in itself; rather, it is integrated within more complex systems. Once a careful risk analysis has been carried out, if safety is ensured by the systems themselves, the user is allowed to remove only those protections that exceed requirements. However, such protections should be left with the fan in anticipation of using the fan for something else.

In addition to the above points, transmission fans must have: Anti-static and non-propagating belts, casing with brass washers, suitable version monoblocs.

2 GD Fan

The same as for 3 GD applies plus the casing must always be welded and the motor must be suitable for the different zone. Return fans can be certified individually (version 1) or as a “component assembly” (versions 8, 9, 12).