VAAT Atex Axial Fans

Atex Axial Fans VAAT - SIA Aspiratori

Performance is not the same as the standard fan, and feasibility depends on the size of the motor.

Direct fans, versions 4 and 5

Thermal Class MotorThermal Class FanRoom TemperatureAirflow Temperature
T4T135°C (T4)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +40°C
T3T200°C (T3)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ +40°C
TXTX (Tmax allowed by motor)-20 ÷ +40°C-20 ÷ TX (Tmax allowed by the motor)

3 GD Fans

Must necessarily have:

  • inspection hatch to check for any dust build-up inside the drum and that the necessary gaps between moving and stationary parts are maintained;
  • suitable gaskets designed to prevent excessive fluid leakage from the flanges;
  • protective nets for suction and discharge*;
  • motor suitable for the zone where it is used.

Impellers can be made of aluminium or glass fibre reinforced polyamide:

  1. aluminium with aluminium drum or carbon steel drum with riveted brass band, usable up to 245°C;
  2. glass fibre reinforced polyamide with carbon steel drum usable up to 110°C, for sizes up to 450 with 2-pole motors, up to 900 with 4-pole motors.

(*) The Atex directive and CE marking require compliance with the machinery directive, so the Atex fan, at the regulatory level, must be considered as a quasi-machine and therefore protected. A user who, after careful risk analysis, considers it advisable to remove the protections should still leave them with the fan in anticipation of using the fan for something else.

2 GD Fans

Exactly what was said about the 3 GD model applies, in addition the motor must be suitable for the different zone where it is used.